Social media is the modern day form of word of mouth advertising. For some people, websites like facebook, twitter, and youtube are the internet. With consumers tuning out many traditional forms of marketing, social media advertising has become more influential than ever before.

At OBW we approach social media the same way we do everything else; from a consulting perspective. Since no two organizations are alike, no two social media marketing campaigns should be.

Our Social Media Services

Our social media solutions are always crafted with your goals in mind. Our team puts together and manages social media strategies for facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, google+, and more. Get in touch with one of our marketing consultants today so we can put together a plan made just for you.

  • Increase communications with clients

  • Drive social media traffic to your site

  • Keep your brand constant in the minds of your customers

  • Reach friends of your customers with your message

  • Improve your online influence

  • Inform your audience of deals & specials in real time

  • Increase your SEO ranking

  • Build your brand beyond your website

Paid Advertisement

Paid advertising opportunities in Facebook and other social networks represent one of the latest trends in internet marketing. Like search engine PPC campaigns, there are necessary and specific steps that need to be taken in order to maximize your ROI and minimize frustrations. We will design the perfect social media ad campaign so that you can reach the right audience for your business and turn them into customers.

OBW can help with:

  • Determining what option is best for your business, Facebook Ads, Facebook Sponsored Stories, Twitter or other channels.
  • Creation of effective Ads that will drive traffic to your website or promote your page.
  • Careful budgeting and Ad targeting to achieve optimal results.
  • Ongoing management of campaigns to ensure long terms business goals succeed!

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