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1. Would like to increase online sales.

2. Focus is on local ministry, but products are shipped nationally.

3. Client not doing any paid online marketing. 

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We’ve discovered 521 pages on your site and laid out what you need to fix to maximize your SEO traffic. Above you’ll find your overall score and general site metrics. Below you’ll see a list of SEO issues to fix and how fast your site loads.










516 SEO Issues Discovered

SEO Checks Passed

Begin by tackling the items with less issues on the list that can be handled in house with greater ease. 

Duplicate Meta Descriptions, 10 pages. Go through each page and view the meta descriptions. Adjust each one according to the page but ensure each description is different. 

Duplicate Title Tags, 2 pages. This should be an easy fix, just edit the title tags on one of the pages and this should clear this issue. 

Title Tag Too Long, 13 pages. Shorten the title tag on each page to 50-60 characters, with the latter being the limit. 

Broken Links, 3 pages. Locate and inspect each link to determine where links should be pointing to. If links are no longer valid they can be properly deleted and re routed with a 301 redirect. If links are valid redirect to appropriate destination URL. 


A fast site and smooth user experience are crucial to your SEO health. Based on real visitor experiences on your site in the last 28 days, we’ve broken down how fast your pages loaded, how long visitors waited while interacting with your pages, and how shaky your pages were when they loaded.



Upon assessing your websites loading speed we recognized several issues. Load time can be improved on both desktop and mobile. The speed test is run through a relay in which a first time visitor is mimicked and full load time is measured. Previous visitors to the site might not necessarily be experiencing load issues because they are viewing a cached version of the site on their devices. 

If in house capabilities exist to troubleshoot index page load times it would be worth taking a look to see if improvements can be made that would have a positive impact on load times. 


Likes: 3,039 
Follows: 3,156
Followers: 3,897
Posts: 1,260 

Renew Project has a presence on the two top social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram. It appears that the pages on both platforms have been well established. 

Our recommendation would be to improve client engagement in order to further grow audience. While there are a significant number of posts on both platform user engagement appears low. A good strategy would be to begin changing the formatting of posts to make them more user interactive. 

We advise setting up the shop feature on both FB and IG in order to be able to sell products from your website directly on the platform. This will expose your products to a wider audience as well as give you some added SEO benefits. 


-Renew Project website is built on the Lightspeed e-commerce platform. The website was built utilizing an e-commerce template. 

Navigation Menu: The Nav Menu consists of 6 top parent pages and 25 sub-pages. Nav items could be re-organized to improve user experience. The ‘home’ page should be visible on the top menu. Research shows that on average only about half of site’s visitors know that you can click on the logo to go back to them home page, the other half look for a home menu item. Sub-menu items should be organized and when possible exploring the possibility of any sub menu bing combined to lower the over all number of items. This will help improve the over all UI experience. 

-‘Home’ tab submenu item under ‘Shop Small’ does not point to current Index page site defaults too. This could have a negative effect on SEO since when the site is crawled the Google bot will pick up on it. 

Footer: Adding main navigation menu on footer would help boost SEO. Right side bottom on footer there’s an image or icon that appears to be broken. ‘Sign Up For Our Newsletter’ section a bit larger, more prominent. Would utilize a lighter shade of gray for background. 

-Blog: Site currently has a page named ‘Journal’ which houses posts. 

– Google Analytics 4: Set up Google Analytics 4 if no Google Analytics is set up or update to Google Analytics 4 from current Google Analytics if already set-up.