Graphic design exists in the visual space between a client’s market position objectives and their potential customer’s interpretation. It is the designer’s duty to identify and define where form, content, and perception overlap, and consequently, execute a visual solution that communicates effectively.

More simply, graphic design takes your message and puts it in a visual format for your customers to easily understand, identify with, and learn from. In order to achieve the most effective visual communications possible, we go to great lengths to understand both the client message and the customer response.

Our Services

Logo, Business Card, Brochure and Ad Design

It takes more than just creating a few pretty graphics to create a good brochure design. We don’t settle for mediocre design at OBW.  When developing brochure designs, we consider texture, layout and hierarchy of information. Our aim is to instantly attract readers and then to fully absorb their attention. That’s how we create memorable designs that look fantastic both digitally and in print.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identities should capture your entire brand personality and appeal to a range of audiences. From your consumers and partners to your employees and clients. We figure out who you’re trying to attract and what messages you want to transmit. We then create knockout identities that are bold, unique and maintain your brand integrity.


Branding is powerful and influential. It can help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and boost your individuality as a brand. Working with a brand your can trust is imperative; a business with strong branding is better at connecting with their customers and partners as they appear more credible and authentic.

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